Post-Apocalyptic Horror Into the Radius Creeps Onto Steam Early Access

CM Games has now released its Steam Early Access version of Into The Radius, giving players access to several hours’ worth of content while helping support the videogame as it continues to expand its storyline, include more weapons and add new features, ahead of its full release in Q1 2020. 

Into The Radius squareInto the Radius is a single-player virtual reality (VR) title blending eldritch horror in a post-apocalyptic ex-soviet setting. It complements story-driven, open-world hardcore gameplay with realistic gun interaction systems, featuring classics like the Pistolet Makarova, double-barrel shotgun and the AKM Kalashnikov. Unravel the mystery of the Radius as you explore, collect artefacts and survive inside a zone filled with dangerous anomalies. 

For Early Access Into the Radius will have all its core mechanics working, offering players a big open terrain map to explore, a hub to pick missions, as well as buying and selling of basic firearms and other useful items. Players will also be introduced to the world’s lore during the early missions.

CM Games expects the final version of Into the Radius to have over 15 hours of content, with all those aforementioned features being added in due course as well as several iconic locations. Like most developers, the studio will be slightly increasing the price when the fully finished version is ready.

Into The Radius

Into the Radius may not be a VR game for everyone, but we think it brings something new to the VR game space,” said  Aleksei Shulga, Director of Into the Radius, in a statement to VRFocus. “We appreciate all the feedback and support from our Beta community, they’ve really been great! We hope that they will like all the improvements we’ve made in the latest version. We’re really looking forward to going deeper into the game’s plot and fleshing out some of the interesting features we have left to implement over the next few months leading up to the full release.”

For Early Access launch week, Creative Mobile is offering a 30% discount which ends on 13th November, dropping the price from £23.49 GBP down to £16.65. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Into the Radius, reporting back with the latest development updates.