Oculus Quest is Getting Arizona Sunshine Next Week

The wait is almost over.

Oculus Quest owning zombie fans have been looking for to Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine coming to the headset since its official announcement in June. Now the studio has confirmed that the popular shooter will be arriving in December, offering an experience completely rebuilt for the standalone headset.

Arizona Sunshine - Oculus Quest
Arizona Sunshine – Oculus Quest screenshot

Originally released back in 2016, making it one of those virtual reality (VR) videogames almost every VR fan has tried at least once, Arizona Sunshine for Oculus Quest includes most the same features as the PC VR version. There’s a full story campaign to play either solo or in co-op, while the endless Horde Mode supports up to four players.

These other players do also need to be one Oculus Quest, as Vertigo Games reconfirms: “Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest does not support cross-platform multiplayer due to the nature of the game being rebuilt from the ground up for this completely new and different headset.” Additionally, there will be no cross-buy support if you already own the videogame for Oculus Rift. However, with Oculus Link now available that shouldn’t be an issue for those that want to.

Arizona Sunshine for Oculus Quest will still feature the same weapon handling and assortment of guns. The studio even has plans for Quest DLC in the coming months, with details arriving after the launch. Since its debut, Arizona Sunshine has seen multiple expansions including Dead Man DLC and The Damned DLC which are likely getting reworked for the headset.

Arizona Sunshine - Oculus Quest
Arizona Sunshine – Oculus Quest screenshot

The franchise has rapidly grown beyond the original release, most notably in the location-based entertainment (LBE) sector. There’s been the warehouse-scale, free-roam Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition and Nomadic’s Arizona Sunshine – Contagion Z and Arizona Sunshine: Rampage tactile VR attractions.

Vertigo Games has another shooter in the works, this time featuring more mutated humans, After the Fall. Expected in 2020, this is looking fairly promising.

Arizona Sunshine will be available from 5th December 2019 for Oculus Quest, retailing for £29.99 GBP/$39.99 USD/€39.99 EUR. Until 2nd December there’s a pre-order discount of 10% available. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Arizona Sunshine reporting back with any further updates.

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