Wave Shooter Scraper: Gauntlet to Expand Labrodex Studios’ Sci-fi Universe

In September virtual reality (VR) developer Labrodex Studios revealed plans to expand its Enterprise AR & VR Solutions Division. While it would be taking on more corporate work to increase revenue the company also confirmed work on a new title in its Scraper universe, a spin-off called Scraper: Gauntlet. Today, new details have been shared alongside a teaser trailer. 

Scraper: Gauntlet

Unlike Scraper: First Strike which was a cyberpunk first-person shooter (FPS) where you piloted a Modified Hover Pod (MHP) around levels, clearing out robot enemies and upgrading your pod, Scraper: Gauntlet is a far more fast-paced wave shooter with highly modifiable guns.

The main change in Scraper: Gauntlet is that you’re stationary, with no running around to worry about all the focus is on shooting, completing a variety of missions including boss battles to unlock new customisations which are skill tree-based.

“Gauntlet takes place in the Scraper universe but has a very different style of play.  You can design your weapon loadout, choose your mods, designate skills and blast away enemy robots as you progress through the game. Gauntlet offers plenty of customization through talent trees, earning mods, completing missions and fighting bosses,” said Jim Ivon, CEO and Executive Producer, in a statement

Scraper: Gauntlet

As you can see from the gameplay trailer below, the wrist-mounted guns have a wide variety of mods to choose from, suiting different playstyles and scenarios. From bouncing grenades of walls, machine guns to pepper an area, classic rocket launchers and defensive shields, there will be lots to play with. “We’re especially excited for people to try out the Fluctuator, which lets the player grab enemies and objects and throw them around the environment,” adds Ivon.

Scraper: Gauntlet is currently in development for Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, with a PlayStation VR version also a possibility. A Q4 2019 release window has previously been mentioned, although Labrodex Studios has yet to settle on a date.

Scraper: First Strike launched last year across multiple headsets and was updated recently adding Valve Index controller support. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Labrodex Studios, reporting back with the latest updates.