ParadropVR’s Latest LBE Attraction Offers Bespoke City Flying

Location-based entertainment (LBE) attractions using virtual reality (VR) offer numerous ways to properly immerse guests, from VR rollercoasters to running around warehouse locations shooting zombies. Frontgrid is a British company specialising in innovative leisure experiences, most notably ParadropVR, a hand-gliding simulator. This month the firm announced its latest attraction ParadropVR: City Flyer, which can be bespoke to any location.

ParadropVR: City Flyer

ParadropVR: City Flyer is still the same hardware as Frontgrid’s other ParadropVR locations but this time the videogame can be tailored to its customer’s location wherever they are in the world. For example, the first installation is at King Power Mahanakhon in Bangkok (called Mahanakhon Sky Rides), allowing guests to fly through the skies of the city in whatever direction they so choose.

Designed to appeal to visitor attractions, sky towers, observatories, hotels and resorts, ParadropVR: City Flyer combines the immersive physical movement ParadropVR is know for in conjunction with competitive, skill-based gameplay. ParadropVR City Flyer offers guests a 4km area to fly around with operators able to incorporate key landmarks and features.

For that immersive feeling guests are strapped into a paragliding harness where they can hold onto two handles to control their direction, moving up and down depending on air currents. A sense of speed is created as jets blow air into the face of the rider as they steer their paraglider around the buildings.


“Feedback on ParadropVR: City Flyer from guests at the King Power Mahanakhon in Bangkok has been fantastic. We can’t wait to give IAAPA Expo Europe attendees an opportunity to try the experience for themselves,” said Frontgrid CEO, Matt Wells in a statement. “We’ve had lots of interest from destination visitor attractions – especially sky towers, visitor centres and indoor entertainment centres at tourist sites. We’re expecting a very busy show at IAAPA Expo Europe, so would encourage anyone who wants to try ParadropVR to get in touch now to book a slot.”

As well as demoing ParadropVR: City Flyer at IAAPA Expo Europe, Frontgrid also allowed visitors to preview four new and updated ParadropVR titles.

For something a little close to home ParadropVR can already be found in several locations across the UK, including iFLY Basingstoke, where it has been rebranded ParaflightVR. For further updates of Frontgrid’s LBE attractions, keep reading VRFocus.