Oculus Quest Version of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Coming December

One of the big pieces of virtual reality (VR) news yesterday came from Maze Theory, announcing that Doctor Who: The Edge of Time would see a multiplatform release in November, including Oculus Quest. Now the studio has stated this won’t be the case for the standalone headset, arriving a month later in fact.

While the videogame will still launch on 12th November 2019 for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos, over on Twitter the studio responded to a tweet clarifying that it ‘will be on Quest almost exactly 1 month after that.’

Certainly disappointing for Oculus Quest owners who are also Doctor Who fans, at least it seems as though Maze Theory is spending more time on the portable version, most likely to optimise the experience in comparison to its PC and console brethren. Having slipped from its original September launch window the only concern is that due to the lack of an actual date the indie team may push the release back again for Quest.

Doctor Who is one of the BBC’s biggest IP’s having had a remarkable 55-year history. Doctor Who: The Edge of Time puts you inside the famous TARDIS, travelling across space and time as an assistant to the Doctor. With an original story written by Gavin Collinson, Digital Producer for Doctor Who, you’ll be able to wield the Sonic Screwdriver to thwart enemies and solve puzzles, going up against deadly foes like the Daleks and the Weeping Angels. In one section you’ll even be able to pilot a Dalek shell and use its weaponry.

Doctor Who: Edge of Time

There will also be plenty of little nods to the TV series for long-time fans to look for, with the studio adding authentic music, props, sets, title sequence and other Doctor Who easter eggs. Naturally, current Doctor Jodie Whittaker will be voicing the character to keep the experience true to the series.

Maze Theory might be a small London-based team of VR developers – mostly veterans from Sony London Studio – but it has big ambitions. Alongside Doctor Who: The Edge of Time the team is also working on bringing another British TV series to VR, Peaky Blinders. For further updates from the team, keep reading VRFocus.