OC6 Interview: Taking a Death Lap With OZWE Games

Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) may have been a couple of weeks ago but VRFocus has one last interview from the event. OZWE Games, the studio behind popular virtual reality (VR) mobile series Anshar Wars and Anshar Online, was in attendance to showcase its latest project, a vehicular combat title called Death Lap, and CEO Stephane Intissar was on hand to discuss the title.

Death Lap

Revealed prior to OC6, Death Lap takes place in a twist race created by a villainous character called Nitro Saint Payne. Much like the film Death Race, OZWE Games’ experience isn’t solely about driving as fast as possible and keeping hold of pole position. There are five other racers on the track and they all have carnage in mind.

So Death Lap is about mixing speed with a variety of weapons and powerups, utilising the various environmental hazards on each track in the most effective manner. Prior to each race starting players can select one of five vehicles, offing different handling characteristics as well as weapon options.

All the cars are supplied with a central roof mounted gun which needs to be restocked with ammo littered around the track. This has a 360-degree aiming circle, allowing skilled drivers to shot any opponent within range, front or behind. The tracks are also littered with various items to pick up, from speed boosts and mines, to pistols which provide a little drive-by shooting action.

Death Lap image1

Demoed using Oculus Quest, Death Lap mixes both comedy and carnage in both multiplayer and single-player form. Intissar discusses some of the various mechanics employed in the experience and some of the various fun elements players can expect.

Also coming to Oculus Rift with cross play support OZWE Games doesn’t currently have a launch window for Death Lap although development is expected to wrap up in the next few months.

Check out the interview below or take a look at Mozilla’s interview from OC6 talking about how WebVR will play an important role in the future of the industry or ARVORE’s Ana Ribeiro discussing Pixel Ripped 1995. For all the latest updates about Death Lap, keep reading VRFocus.