Cloudhead Games Confirm VR Arcade Version of Pistol Whip

There are a couple of exciting virtual reality (VR) titles arriving next week, one of which is Pistol Whip by Cloudhead Games. Due for launch across multiple home head-mounted displays (HMD) on 7th November, the studio has now confirmed that even if you don’t own a headset you’ll still have a chance to play, as Pistol Whip is coming to location-based entertainment (LBE) locations thanks to SpringboardVR.

Pistol Whip

To help facilitate the arcade launch on 7th November Cloudhead Games is offering free licensing for the first day, with Pistol Whip priced at seven cents per minute thereafter.

The musical first-person shooter (FPS) was designed from day one with both home and LBE gaming in mind, combining light gun titles like Time Crisis and Virtua Cop with the rhythmic flow of videogames like Beat Saber“We have been analyzing the market for years and have talked to many LBE operators to learn what works and what doesn’t, said Jo Dunlop, Communications & Business Development for Cloudhead Games. “We wanted to develop a game that will work flawlessly in LBE while having extra layers of depth for the home audience.”

First revealed during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 in June, Pistol Whip takes place in a highly stylised world where players can shoot and melee enemies to a thumping soundtrack, whilst dodging bullets at the same time. Featuring EDM artists from Kannibalen Records, including Apashe, HVDES, and Black Tiger Sex Machine, players will have access to weapon mods along the way, including dual-wielding. Future updates will include additional songs.

Pistol Whip

Coming to Oculus QuestOculus RiftHTC Vive and Valve Index next Thursday, Pistol Whip adds to the long line of VR rhythm-action titles which are out or coming to headsets. Other titles include Harmonix’s Audica, BoxVR, Synth Riders, Audio Shield and upcoming experience Viro Move.

Making LBE centric attractions is a growing trend amongst VR developers. Most recently Maze Theory revealed a stripped back version of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time would be rolled out, and Japanese team Yomuneco Inc. planned on bringing Swords of Gargantua to locations worldwide. For further updates on Pistol Whip, keep reading VRFocus.