VRGO Mini Achieves Funding Goal With 20 Days to Spare

British hardware manufacturer VRGO only launched its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for VRGO Mini, a controller for your bum last week and has now hit its funding goal of £20,000 GBP.


As the name suggests the VRGO Mini is a smaller version of the company’s original product, the VRGO Chair, which has been available for several years. The VRGO Mini has been designed for use on a variety of seats, chairs, sofas, pretty much wherever you want to sit down to play VR content.

Having hit the £20,000 target the campaign doesn’t have any stretch at present so its all about bolstering that money pot. For those still interested in backing the campaign but who may have held off, there are still Super Early Bird funding tiers available. The cheapest way to get your hands on a VRGO Mini is the £119 offer which maxes out at 100 backers (85 have been sold). Or for those after a little haptic butt feedback the £149 tier still has a few left. The full Kickstarter price for the non-haptic version is £199, so at full retail, VRGO Chair will easily be north of £200.

So what’s the point of a VR locomotion controller you can sit on? The comfort of course. While the VRGO Mini is padded what VRFocus is talking about is virtual comfort when moving through virtual worlds. Just like the VRGO Chair, VRGO Mini is all about reducing or eliminating nausea completely, offering the chance to walk and run simply by shifting your body weight. To see what VRFocus thought about the device before you put money down check out the hands-on preview.


VRGO Mini image2

Designed to work with most VR headsets via Bluetooth including Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Pimax, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, the VRGO Mini will offer eight hours of use from a one-hour fast charge.

Also good to know is the fact that most of the hard work has already been completed in regards to the tilting mechanism and Bluetooth operation. This is thanks to the tech being lifted straight from VRGO Chair and put in a small form factor. VRFocus will continue its coverage of VRGO Mini as it heads towards the March 2020 shipping date.