The Witching Tower VR Receives September Release Date for PlayStation VR

Having teased a month ago that The Witching Tower VR would be coming to PlayStation VR this Autumn, developer Daily Magic Productions has finally confirmed an exact launch date, which takes place next week. 

The Witching Tower - Screenshot

Originally released for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive last year, The Witching Tower VR is a dungeon crawler of sorts, where players find themselves trapped at the top of a tower by the evil Queen of the Undead. She has brought sorrow and despair to the land and you just so happen to be the only one who can stop it, playing a girl called Anna who possesses magical abilities.

Once free from your cell, you have to descend through the tower destroying the Queen’s deadly monsters en route as well as plenty of puzzles. To face the deadly hordes you can choose between melee combat, carving them up with a few choice blows from your sword. Or, because you are heading down the tower equipping your bow and taking a few long shots helps to whittle them down. On the magic side, there are options to grab items at a distance or for seeing what can’t be seen normally – such as enemies or puzzle clues.

For the PC review VRFocus gave Witching Tower VR a reasonable three stars, saying: “While it doesn’t break new ground or offer anything too unique, the Witching Tower is still an enjoyable title for those who love this genre of videogame.”

The Witching Tower - Screenshot

The PlayStation VR version will be a straight port of the PC edition, featuring all the updates and improvements Daily Magic Productions has made over the past year. The Witching Tower VR is scheduled to launch on 17th September for PlayStation VR via PlayStation Store in most territories. VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest PlayStation VR releases, updating you on all the launch dates.