HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-Orders to go Live 12th September

When it comes to the HTC Vive Cosmos, HTC Vive has been very peace meal regarding the information being released, with the last official details coming in June. Tomorrow that looks to be all coming to an end with pre-orders set to go live as well as specifications and more.

The announcement was made via Twitter, only revealing the 12th September date for pre-orders. Details like price and actual release date are now expected tomorrow. That being said, pricing has cropped up a couple of times unofficially, with a listing of £699.99 GBP previously appearing on Argos’ website (a UK retailer). This has been in line with other rumours the price will sit between the current HTC Vive and Valve Index.

Originally revealed at CES 2019 in January, at present, no one outside of HTC has seen or tried the device when it comes to media coverage, a stark contrast to Oculus’ approach with headsets like Quest which saw massive build-up and press interaction before launch.

A PC tethered head-mounted display (HMD) featuring a combined resolution of 2880×1770 (1440×1700 per-eye) using an LCD display, Vive Cosmos looks to be a direct competitor to Oculus Rift S. The new device boasts a six lens inside-out tracking arrangement which should give excellent coverage for roomscale experiences as well as keeping the controllers in view. Other features include a hinged front to easily drop in and out of VR, a vented removable faceplate designed to help keep users cool whilst offering future upgrade possibilities and an industry-standard 90Hz refresh rate.

There’s also the question of smartphone support which was teased at the original reveal. At the time it was assumed Vive Cosmos could be run via a smartphone but this was soon debunked by HTC, saying Vive Cosmos was a PC VR HMD. Since there has been no further mention of portable devices of any sort, this could all be cleared up tomorrow.

What also unclear (as seems to be the norm with Vive Cosmos) is whether the headset will replace the now-ageing HTC Vive from 2016? 2019 has been the year for clearing out old VR hardware and bringing in the new if HTC Vive does decide on this path VRFocus will let you know.