Enter Dark and Twisted VR Experience Into The Radius With Some Free Beta Keys

Known for titles such as Nitro Nation and Drag Racing, reaching in total over 400 million players to date, Creative Mobile (CM Games), a leading mobile game studio based in Tallinn, Estonia, will soon be taking its first step into virtual reality (VR) with Into The Radius.

Into The Radius

Designed as a hardcore, single-player VR videogame where you explore a strange place called ‘the Radius’ filled with dangerous anomalies, Into the Radius offers dark and atmospheric experience inspired by the Strugatsky Brothers’ Roadside Picnic, mixed with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Stephen King. 

The title’s environment is a unique blend of post-apocalyptic and eldritch horror in a gloomy, surreal setting. Focused on open-world exploration, players scavenge through the desolate locations, searching for artefacts. Most of the gameplay happens in multi-kilometre sized outdoor locations with many points of interest to explore. As players try to survive they will be tested for their use of stealth, cunning, and firearms skills to uncover the mystery of the Radius. 

“When the first room-scale VR came out, we were very hyped by the opportunities of the technology, but soon started to feel disappointed by the domination of arcade games or “experiences”,” said the team in a statement to VRFocus“Being hardcore PC gamers ourselves, our team felt strongly that the hardcore VR audience is vastly underserved right now. There are exciting new ways players can experience VR worlds compared to flat arcade games, we decided to focus on making a single-player, non -linear story-driven shooter in a surreal setting, thus ‘Into the Radius’ was born.”

Into The Radius

Featuring realistic firearms mechanics; from loading different ammo types into mags, guns jamming and a variety of attachments, time is also a gameplay element with a day-night cycle having consequences for the player to account for. Into the Radius is a superb blend of everything we like about hardcore VR games, mixed with a surprising amount of depth and immersiveness that will keep you exploring this strange land for hours and hours,” notes CM Games’ Aleksei Shulga.

In collaboration with VRFocus, CM Games is giving away 500 Steam keys by joining its Discord channel so you can access the beta version of Into the Radius which will include:

  • Big open map with randomly placed anomalies, artefacts and enemies
  • Realistic gun interaction system, 6 weapons + attachment system
  • Mission Hub with 4 missions + onboarding

Into the Radius is scheduled for a Q1 2020 launch, supporting HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. 

The global release will include:

  • Double-digit gameplay hours with a full story mode
  • Free roam mode
  • Replayability via generated side missions

Learn more about Into the Radius’ mid-’90s back story by reading the Perchorsk Radius NewsFor further updates from CM Games, keep reading VRFocus.