Co-op Puzzle Solver Failspace Now Expected in October

HipFire Games may have gone under the radar for a while but today the Finnish studio has reappeared in earnest by making two announcements. The first was for a new multiplayer shooter called Blastworld due out by the end of the year, and concrete launch details have now been released for co-op title Failspace.


Designed as a fun co-op experience for up to four players, Failspace puts you inside your very own space truck as part of the BluPel Intergalactic Transport Fleet, there’s just one little problem; it doesn’t have a warranty so problems have to be fixed by the crew.

Whilst trying to earn a quick buck by shipping cargo across the galaxy all sorts of situations arise which can be deadly for the crew if not sorted. So missions entail fixing issues both inside and outside the ship, escalating very quickly if team members are slacking off; cue plenty of shouting, screaming and other loud vocal noises when things go awry.

They’re fast and hectic missions lasting around 10 minutes each, with electrical systems malfunctioning, shields going down and fires randomly starting across the ship. Dealing with these is only part of the challenge. the other is trying to get as far as possible without running out of supplies, which include everything from fire extinguishers to spare parts for the ship.


Originally, Hipfire Games had planned on an official launch in Q2 2019 after an alpha test took place in December 2018. Obviously that never occurred and in the process of development during 2019 the team also dropped the idea for cross-platform integration with Android and iOS devices. In a statement CEO Antti Sartanen is quoted as saying that: “the decision wasn’t easy and while it was a valuable experiment for future projects, the developers wanted to focus on the original vision and cater to the core fans of the VR game.”

So instead, Failspace is now scheduled for a late October launch for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Hipfire Games’ latest projects including Failspace, reporting back with further announcements.