Battlewake’s European PlayStation VR Launch Delayed [Update]

Tomorrow is the launch of Survios’ combat title on the high seas, Battlewake, coming to Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. It’s a big worldwide, multi headset, multi sales platform release, marking the studio’s first videogame launch of 2019. Trouble has arisen when it comes to the European PlayStation VR version, however, with the date now delayed.


VRFocus has been informed by Survios that due to ‘technical issues’, Battlewake for PlayStation VR in EU territories is now listed as coming soon. No further details have been given regarding what has occurred and how long this may take to fix. This doesn’t affect the North American PlayStation VR version.

Battlewake will feature both single-player and multiplayer modes with a big emphasis on the latter. You play as one of four Pirate Lords, each with their own particular boats and abilities. These abilities are magical powers to give you an edge in battle, for instance, Pirate Lord Diego can unleash a boost to avoid attacks or outflank an opponent, while his primary ability is a destructive maelstrom which can suck in enemies.

There’s a 20 chapter campaign with each lord having five levels to complete, either solo or in co-op. On the multiplayer side, up to four players can tackle Warfare Mode featuring changing objectives. Or there’s always the classic free-for-all PvP deathmatch mode where up to 10 players can fight for pirate glory.


VRFocus previewed Battlewake’s single-player mode several months ago, finding that: “At the moment the demo did everything right, providing a thrilling experience for roughly 15 minutes. Battlewake featured all the gloss you’d expect from a Survios title, with easy to use controls and exciting gameplay.”

When Battlewake does arrive tomorrow for those unaffected by the issue it’ll come with a limited-time launch discount, dropping the price from the standard $29.99. Additionally, from 19th – 22nd September the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) will host a Battlewake competition where players can win cash, and physical prizes worth over $10,000 in value -an HTC Vive Pro is up for grabs). The competition is international and there’s still time to sign up. The official website also lists the participating VR arcades. For further updates from Survios, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: VRFocus has been informed the price of Battlewake has now changed, with the starting cost now $29.99 (it was previously $39.99). The article has been amended and the limited-time discount still applies.