Battlewake Lands on European PlayStation VR Shores Today

Earlier this month virtual reality (VR) developer Survios launched its pirate combat experience Battlewake across multiple headsets. There was one slight anomaly to that launch in the fact that the EU version for PlayStation VR was delayed for technical reasons. Today though that has been rectified, with Battlewake arriving across the territory.

BattlewakeToday hasn’t just been reserved for the release of Battlewake for European PlayStation VR players. As it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day the studio has announced a community challenge Pledge the Pirates Life with a grand prize of $1,000 USD up for grabs, plus additional smaller prizes.

All you need to do to enter is head to www.pledgethepirateslife.com to register, then follow Survios on Twitter and Discord to stay notified and updated in real-time. The challenge runs from 19th – 29th September 2019. Don’t forget that The Virtual Athletics League (VAL) is also hosting a Battlewake competition from today until 22nd September with cash and physical prizes available.

Additionally, Survios has released a performance patch across PlayStation VR, Steam and Oculus platforms. This will remove several bugs and glitches received from player feedback. The studio is working on another patch (v1.0.1) to optimise and enhance Battlewake’s multiplayer modes. These include:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Campaign mission scrolls to not display.
  • Improve UI pointer offset for all controller formats.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hosts to become stuck on Warchest Menu during matching.
  • Additional bug fixes.


Battlewake is the first vehicular combat title from Survios, placing you in charge of your very own pirate ship. Taking the role of one of four Pirate Lords, you can either complete the 20-mission story campaign solo or in co-op with a friend, or head out on the high seas to battle online opponents in a 10-ship deathmatch. Or collaborate with up to 4 other players on mission-specific mode Warchest.

VRFocus gave Battlewake a solid four-star review, saying: “Battlewake is a bit of a mixed experience. While its looks great and handles very well the multiplayer definitely carries the whole thing as the campaign is a little lacklustre.” For further updates and announcements from Survios including the Oculus Quest version, keep reading VRFocus.