Witching Tower VR Coming to PlayStation VR This Autumn

Back in March Daily Magic Productions announced that it was putting all its efforts into porting Witching Tower VR to PlayStation VR having released the last major PC update for the title. This week the studio has now confirmed Witching Tower VR will be arriving for the headset this Autumn.

The Witching Tower - Screenshot

That’s still quite vague as it is still summer, so that could be any time within the next three months but at least it narrows down the launch window. “PlayStation version of Witching Tower VR is in its final stages of development, and we are looking forward to showing it to the public,” notes Artem Severin Head of Marketing, Daily Magic Productions on PlayStation Blog.

As far a VRFocus can tell the PlayStation VR won’t differ from the PC VR version in terms of features or additional options. That final update released several months ago reworked the fighting system making enemies smarter, so they do defend themselves and counterattack, making them harder to kill. Locomotion was also improved so that players stopped getting stuck.

VRFocus gave Witching Tower VR a reasonable three stars for its review, saying: “While it doesn’t break new ground or offer anything too unique, the Witching Tower is still an enjoyable title for those who love this genre of videogame.”

The Witching Tower - Screenshot

The experience is a fantasy dungeon crawler which takes place in a shattered world, destroyed by a conflict known as the Undead War. Now controlled by the Queen of the Undead, the land can only be freed by Anna, the Queen’s prisoner in the top of her tower held captive because of her magical abilities.

Gameplay involves you working your way down the tower, learning about your powers as you go. Featuring both sword-based melee combat as well as a bow for some sniping capabilities, your magic powers can take control of undead warriors and pit them against your enemies, reveal invisible objects and grab and control objects from a distance.

When Daily Magic Productions announce a launch date VRFocus will let you know.