The VR Game Launch Roundup: An Indie Quartet

Next week is Gamescom the biggest videogame event in Europe and it’s sure to be one of the best for virtual reality (VR) news this year. Which may explain why there doesn’t seem to be any major releases that week, unlike the last couple which have seen some big titles arrive. That’s good news for several indie developers who are launching their experiences next week, four of them in fact.

Extreme Tactical Executioners

The Stars Between Us – Invrse Reality

The latest title from Invrse Reality, The Stars Between Us is a romantic puzzle experience involving a couple separated by the vastness of space. To bring them together players have to solve 3D puzzles in a similar vein to Candy Crush, matching three items together. There are 30 levels to complete, with charms to collect to keep you coming back for more.

Extreme Tactical Executioners (XTX) – Baby Rage

For those after a bit more action then there’s first-person shooter (FPS) Extreme Tactical Executioners (XTX). Another Early Access experience, the videogame is a fast-paced single-player where you have to protect your planet from a human invasion. The gameplay is a mixture of wave-shooter and arena survival elements, and the studio expects to fully launch the title in 2020.

Afloat – Blue Atom Interactive

An Early Access title, Afloat is a survival experience set in the middle of the jungle. You’ve crash-landed and awake to find yourself on a raft, on which you must gather resources, craft new tools, and upgrade your raft to withstand the journey back to civilisation. Somehow you can even build a campfire on your raft.

  • Supported platforms: HTC Vive
  • Launch date: 22nd August 2019

Grid Clash VR – Great Boolean

Finally, there’s the only multiplayer on this list. Grid Clash VR is an eSport of sorts, where teams have to shoot a ball through the opposing team’s goal ring. Set in arenas filled with obstacles and hiding places, players can stop one another with discs, making Grid Clash VR a mixture of basketball and dodgeball.