Stormland Will Feature 2 Player Co-Op When it Arrives Holiday 2019

Insomniac Games may have joined PlayStation Worldwide Studios but that isn’t stopping development of the highly anticipated Stormland for Oculus Rift. New details have now been released including a new trailer as well as co-op gameplay options. The videogame has also been confirmed to arrive by the end of the year.


At PAX West 2019 in Seattle later this month the studio will offer visitors a new demo to play, where they’ll be able to team up with a friend via a co-op treasure hunt mode. In this mode, players have to work together to locate three keys, each one hidden in the shifting cloudscape.

Stormland won’t simply offer one co-op mode either, you’ll be able to play the entire videogame campaign cooperatively thanks to drop-in, drop-out two-player gameplay. “We think the whole experience is more interesting when you have shared encounters and can talk about them with other players,” says Insomniac Games Lead Designer Mike Daly on Oculus Blog.

Then there are the raid-like ‘Challenge Realms’, formerly called Terminus. “It’s an intense battle that stresses your skills in traversal, navigation, combat, and progression in a big “raid” environment,” Daly notes. “Like the rest of the game, Terminus can be played single-player or co-op and has a different layout and enemy composition each cycle. Unlike the rest of the game, Terminus is scored and lets you compete for performance against the rest of the community.”

Stormland newimage2

Alongside all the multiplayer news, Insomniac Games has released a new trailer showcasing even more action and the different tactics players can employ. For those that like to hunt, they can stay low and stealthy, performing close up melee kills or simply employing a trusty shotgun. Or for those who enjoy getting into the thick of it, Stormland has an assortment of high-impact weaponry as well as the movement versatility of the robot characters.

Stormland is gearing up to be one of the biggest VR titles of 2019 and certainly impressed VRFocus when demoing an early preview in 2018. The title is scheduled to launch by the end of the year when VRFocus confirms the release date we’ll let you know.