Final Assault Dev Focused on PlayStation VR Version for 2019, Oculus Quest Support ‘may be Possible’

Ever since Phaser Lock Interactive announced its real-time strategy (RTS) title Final Assaultthe studio always mentioned support for PlayStation VR. With the PC version fully launched in May, the focus has now moved to the console-based headset, with plans for a rollout this year, VRFocus has learnt.

Final Assault

VRFocus had a chat with Todd Bailey, Creative Director, Phaser Lock Interactive, regarding Final Assault development and what the team has planned and the focus is very much aimed toward PlayStation VR at present: “Right, now our big push is to get onto PSVR,”  We definitely want to be able to play PSVR, Oculus and Vive all playing together.”

While Bailey was careful not to confirm a date, he did say they were aiming for 2019 if possible, but there were a few hurdles to climb. “We’re working towards making it equal, we don’t want it to look one way on the PC and one way on the PlayStation VR. We’re trying to solve a lot of those problems,” he says. When VRFocus asked about controller support the team had experimented with DualShock but that it wasn’t suitable for this style of gameplay, so Final Assault will only work with PlayStation Move.

PlayStation VR might be the main agenda allowing Phaser Lock Interactive to sell more copies and therefore build the multiplayer community but that doesn’t mean to say it’s going quiet for PC owners. “We’re working on maps, possibly more divisions, more units; more things for the players to play around with.” A small patch which should arrive soon will address some issues whilst adding a couple of maps, with a bigger DLC rollout planned for the festive season – the snow levels are particularly suited to a little Christmas tree here and there.

Final Assault

When it came to discussing platforms Bailey also happen to mention Oculus Quest. Once PlayStation VR support has been sorted: “We may look into other things like Quest after that,” he mentions. “We’ve looked at the specs and it may be possible…we’d love to.”

There’s nothing on the cards just yet but a number of developers have managed the task so far – the majority of titles currently are Oculus Rift ports – with surprising results, such as Apex ConstructCreed: Rise to Glory and Beat SaberVRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Final Assault, reporting back with the latest updates.