Undecided on PlayStation VR’s Blood & Truth? Then try the new Demo Tomorrow

Sony London Studio released its action blockbuster¬†Blood & Truth¬†a couple of months ago for PlayStation VR, to near-universal acclaim. If you happen to own the headset and have yet to buy the virtual reality (VR) title then you’re in luck, tomorrow a free demo will be arriving.

Blood and Truth

The demo will feature the first mission from Blood & Truth, giving players enough of a sample to tempt them into purchasing. Compatible with two PlayStation Move controllers (recommended) or a DualShock 4 controller, the first mission gives a good sense of the action movie-style the studio was aiming to deliver. Players are tasked with infiltrating an enemy compound, engaging in an intense rooftop shootout before taking part in a car chase.

Inspired by London Studio‚Äôs PlayStation VR Worlds mini-game The London Heist,¬†Blood & Truth¬†is set in the seedy underbelly of London’s criminal underworld. Players take the role of¬†former Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks who returns to find his family has become involved with a ruthless syndicate and he needs to save them.

Blood & Truth¬†was that good VRFocus gave the videogame a full five star review, commenting: “While you don‚Äôt have the freedom of¬†Borderlands 2 VR¬†for example, with¬†Blood & Truth¬†you have a far more focused videogame that knows what it wants to achieve, and that‚Äôs put a smile on your face.¬†From start to finish¬†Blood & Truth¬†is one hell of a ride, a finely choreographed John Woo movie that‚Äôs all about sheer entertainment.”

Blood and Truth

It seems the studio also has another surprise in store this month, preparing a new update due to arrive on 25th July that includes some fun post-game extras.

At present¬†Blood & Truth¬†is the biggest exclusive PlayStation VR release of 2019 but there’s plenty more to come, with¬†Iron Man VR¬†and¬†Concrete Genie¬†expected at some point later this year. VRFocus will continue its coverage of PlayStation VR and Sony London Studio, reporting back with the latest updates and announcements.