Viveport Infinity the Unlimited VR Subscription Service Will Cost $12.99 per Month

In a bid to make the Viveport subscription service even more tempting for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users, the platform announced an unlimited version called Viveport Infinity back in January. Due to officially launch on 2nd April, Viveport has now revealed how much the service will actually cost.


Viveport Infinity

To gain unrestricted access to the service’s library of over 600 apps and videogames you’ll need to spend $12.99 USD a month – or $99 per year. That price is applicable if you join the service after 2nd April. As a special offer to entice new customers as well as looking after current subscribers Viveport will be locking the current price of $8.99 per month until the end of the year.

New users can still sign-up for the 14-day free trial then opt to continue their subscription for $8.99 per month, which normally only allows access to five titles per month. So until the end of 2019, they’ll make a decent saving.

“We have built a new model for VR that shines a light on the great library of VR content this industry has developed and gives users a reason to spend more time in headset than ever before,” said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport in a statement. “At the same time, we’re increasing developer reach and potential revenue as more developers can monetize a single Infinity user. We believe this model matches how consumers want to experience VR.”

Viveport Infinity

Additionally, Viveport is increasing the developer’s share of revenue earned to 80/20 up from 70/30, from 1st April until the end of 2019 – this applies to all titles in Viveport Infinity.

“Through Viveport’s subscription service, we’ve been able to increase our player pool and build a bigger community around The Wizards,” said Paweł Gajda, Head of Marketing and Publishing, Carbon Studios. “Viveport Subscription has become a significant part of our revenue and we can’t wait to connect with even more players thought Infinity.”

Viveport Infinity doesn’t just support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive either. It’ll support any standalone headset using the Vive Wave platform, like HTC Vive Focus and Pico G2 for example.

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