PlayStation VR to see Turn-Based Strategy Title Skyworld Arrive in March

Last November, Wolfdog Interactive and Vertigo Games announced that they would be bringing their turn-based strategy title Skyworld to PlayStation VR early this year. Today, the studios have confirmed a release date, and it’s not far away, arriving by the end of the month.

Skyworld PS VR

It’s not going to be the same Skyworld which released back in 2017 for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive either, PlayStation VR players are going to be treated to additional features. There’s now a persistent levelling system where players can earn XP in single and multiplayer matches, daily challenges for further XP, unlockable avatars, and online leaderboards.

Skyworld on PlayStation VR still contains the originals hybrid gameplay system, mixing both turn-based management, deck building, and frantic real-time battles. On the turn-based management side, players will have to gauge how quickly to expand territory, gain the correct resources, build their armies, before heading into battle.

Armies can be built from a total of 16 units, with everything from archers and snipers to siege tanks, flying fortresses and even dragons. Units can not only be built but also upgraded to improve their combat efficiency in battle. It’s always best to hone a strategy in single-player, learning which troops suit certain situations or are best against particular opponents before heading online. PLus players can also unlock special magical abilities to aid their armies mid-fight.

Skyworld PS VR

When VRFocus reviewed the PC version of Skyworld we gave is a solid four-stars, finding that the game was highly challenging and didn’t waver in the slightest. It also happened to be one of our favourite (RTS) experiences of 2017, so it should do well on PlayStation VR.

Vertigo Games will be releasing Skyworld on PlayStation VR on Tuesday, 26th March 2019.

Additionally, the studio and publisher also revealed last week a new title in the franchise, Skyworld: Kingdom Brawla multiplayer card-battler which will be debuted at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 next week. The launch will take place on 2nd April 2019, supporting HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Focus, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates from Vertigo Games on all its VR titles, keep reading VRFocus.