New Map and Screenshots Released for Intense Arena Shooter Telefrag VR

Anshar Studios certainly like to test the extremes of virtual reality (VR) when it comes to gameplay design. The developer’s first title Detached put players in space to fight it out one on one in zero gravity. Then at Gamescom 2018 VRFocus got a taste of the studio’s next project, Telefrag VR, another multiplayer combat title which plays with movement and level design. Now the team has released details on a new map and several screenshots.


Having showcased the first official map in December, called Fallen Champion, the next map (seen above) is The Mobius Villa. For this arena, Anshar Studios has taken inspiration from the ancient architecture of Rome, with grand pillars, detailed sculptures and a wide-open atrium. But that central feature is deceiving with the studio explaining: “The Mobius Villa is a narrow battlefield, with a mass of corridors and nooks where the enemy can lurk. The passage through the villa’s main floor doesn’t have to be packed with traps, because with the help of teleport guns and gates you can quickly change your location, using the minimum spaces between columns or given rooms. The underpassage is also worth checking thanks to easy accessibility.”

The teleport gates are a new feature not previously mentioned, allowing players to skip between different parts of the map. Great for getting out of a sticky situation, they must also be used wisely as there’s no telling what’s waiting on the other side.

Currently, in development for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and PlayStation VR, Telefrag VR is a competitive multiplayer VR shooter set in a futuristic Roman Empire. Gameplay revolves around PvP battles set in arenas with impossible geometry, meaning you can be attacked from any angle, opponents can be standing on the same level as you or on the ceiling.

And while there are normal ranged weapons to use such as rocket launchers and plasma rifles, these are all secondary to the main weapon, the Telefrag. Combining both weapon and movement, the Telefrag is a devastating melee attack by teleporting directly into an opponent.

Telefrag VR is due to arrive later this year. When those details are released VRFocus will let you know.