Journey for Elysium Begins its Kickstarter Voyage

The developer is looking to raise €20,000.

During Gamescom 2018 last summer VRFocus came across indie Mantis Games showcasing its first virtual reality (VR) title Journey for Elysiuma story-driven adventure inspired by Greek, Roman and Etruscan mythology. While development of the title is already well in hand, the studio is looking for Kickstarter funding to help in the final stages.

Journey for Elysium

The Journey for Elysium funding campaign is looking to raise €20,000 EUR (£17,095 GBP/$22,521 USD) by 18th April 2019. You can pledge as little as €1, but to get hold of the videogame you’ll need to spend a minimum of €15 for the Early Release Game Bundle, which will get you the title two days before the Steam release. Or if you have more cash, meet the developers for $2,500, who will pay for your flight to their hometown of Ghent, Belgium.

“I’m really excited about the launch of this campaign, as we finally get to share the result of all of our blood, sweat and tears with our fans, and the world,” said Gilles Vandenoostende, Game Designer at Mantis in a statement. “As we enter the final stretch of development, I look forward to hearing all the feedback from the players. We can’t do this without you!”

Mantis is working with Cronos Interactive to bring the experience to VR headsets, with initial support planned for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with Windows Mixed Reality headsets and PlayStation VR added in the future.

Journey for Elysium

With a distinctive black and white design with hints of colour, in Journey for Elysium you play an unnamed warrior who has died. Finding yourself on a boat in Penumbra hovering somewhere between life and death you must sail on the Styx river and explore the underworld, solving an increasingly complex range of puzzles and challenges.

“As a kid, we all dreamed about being a part of the games we played,” shared Dave Van de Maele, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Cronos Interactive. “Virtual Reality has evolved so far that this is finally possible. Personally, I have fond memories of the Point and Click adventure games of the 80’s and 90’s. Journey For Elysium transports me right back into time. So excited!”

Journey For Elysium will be released towards the end of 2019. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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