Final Assault is Heading into Early Access Tomorrow

Over the last few weeks, Phaser Lock Interactive has been holding open beta tests for its upcoming strategy title Final Assault. Originally due for an Early Access release back in February, the studio had to delay the release due to a fire in its office building. At long last Final Assault is ready to make its debut on Steam and Oculus Store, coming to Early Access tomorrow.

Final Assault

Phaser Lock Interactive made the announcement via its Twitter account, confirming that both Steam and Oculus Stores would have the videogame available.

Final Assault takes the unique gameplay style the studio first introduced with Final Approach back in 2016, taking a god-like overview of the world where you can grab vehicles and physically plot their course, and ramps things up with a WWII theme, hectic battles on the ground and in the air, plus for the first time multiplayer.

Even though this is an Early Access release Final Assault is virtually complete and isn’t in beta. For tomorrows launch the release will focus on PvP and PvE gameplay, offering cross-platform combat between Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The tutorial will be available, as well as all six military divisions. The studio estimates that the videogame will be in Early Access for around two months. In that time players will also gain access to the Campaign mode, one division to begin with for roughly 2 hours of game time with more to follow.

Final Assault

When the fully complete version of Final Assault is ready there will be 12 multiplayer maps to enjoy, expanded cross-platform support to include PlayStation VR, a full campaign mode for all six military divisions, plenty of custom features and lots more. Phaser Lock Interactive also has plans for DLC in the future.

As development continues and the studio rollout further updates for Final Assault, VRFocus will keep you updated.