Charming Puzzle Adventure Ghost Giant has an Official Release Date for PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR tends to have its fair share of virtual reality (VR) exclusives, a tactic Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) often uses to draw consumers to its system. Next month will see another arrive in the form of Ghost Giant, a puzzle experience from indie developer Zoink. Both the digital and physical retail versions have now been given a release date.

Ghost Giant - Screenshot

First showcased at PlayStation’s massive stand during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, Ghost Giant instantly proved to be one of the more interesting experiences at the event.

You’re the titular ‘Ghost Giant’ who is befriended by a lonely boy called Louis. Only Louis can see the Ghost Giant and together form a bond of friendship, generally by helping him overcome various tasks and challenges, from the very small to the overwhelmingly big. All the time building that trust as you go. But it’s not all about Louis, as the Ghost Giant your help is needed by the other residents Sancourt. Even though they can’t see you the citizens still require a helping hand every so often.

Ghost Giant is a unique cartoon world with you at the very centre. The town and buildings have been designed almost like dollhouses, where you can look inside and discover all sorts of animated scenes. As such, there are plenty of secrets to discover if you look hard enough.

Ghost Giant

When VRFocus first previewed Ghost Giant last year we said that the title: “is still one of the most deliciously interesting VR titles to be announced for PlayStation VR at E3 2018. Playing Ghost Giant is like starting a 1000 piece puzzle or a good book, you don’t want to stop, it has that addictive, engrossing quality all developers strive for. Seeing what Zoink has already achieved so far, Ghost Giant is now firmly on VRFocus’ most wanted list.”

Zoink will be releasing Ghost Giant via PlayStation Store on 16th April 2019. And thanks to a collaboration with Perp Games, Ghost Giant will arrive on retail shelves from 19th April. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Ghost Giant, reporting back with the latest updates.