Beat Sabers First Music Pack Arrives in 10 Days

It’s been a long time coming but finally, Beat Games has announced the launch date for Beat Saber’s first Music Pack, expanding the lineup for all versions of the popular virtual reality (VR) experience.

Beat Saber POP/Stars

Making the announcement via Twitter, the studio has confirmed 14th March as the release date for the Music Pack, but rather cheekily not said anything regarding the actual tracks. That information will probably be released in the next ten days. What is known is that the pack will contain ten tunes.

In addition to the new tracks, the Beat Saber menu UI will be getting an overhaul. Not only will it looked a lot more streamlined but players will be able to easily browse OSTs and upcoming Music Packs.

Having teased a Japanese version of Beat Saber for PlayStation VR in February, the studio will be bringing the title to the Asian PlayStation Store on 7th March.

Beat Saber newUI

This is great news for PlayStation VR owners who’ve been clamouring for new tracks ever since the videogame launched in November 2018. A couple of individual tracks have been released but that’s been nowhere near enough thanks to its massive popularity. While the first Music Pack is less than two weeks away, it remains to be seen if Beat Games can then provide a regular pack release to keep players interested on PlayStation VR. As VRFocus has previously reported, that’s not so much of an issue for PC players due to the modding community.

There’s also the little matter of competition, with rhythm action videogame veterans Harmonix about to release Audica this week. Going for a very different approach with its gameplay, Audica uses a blue and orange gun combination to hit and active targets. As further details are released for Beat Saber or Audica, VRFocus will keep you updated.