Aim Controller Support has Been Added to PlayStation VR’s Borderlands 2 VR

The update was made thanks to fan feedback.

Just before the launch of Borderlands 2 VR for PlayStation VR last December, Gearbox Software revealed to VRFocus that when it came to updating the videogame after launch that would very much depend on the fans and what their feedback was. Well, the studio has been listening and released a free update with several additions, the biggest being Aim Controller support.

Borderlands 2 VR

The Aim Controller has proven to be a popular accessory for virtual reality (VR) first-person shooters (FPS) on PlayStation VR. First introduced with Farpoint, titles such as First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Zero Hour have made it the preferred control scheme and now Borderlands 2 VR fans can use it.

Gearbox Software made the announcement via Reddit, giving further details:

  • Within the Options Menu, options for swapping sticks, buttons, or both are available. We added this to help with Lefty Swap and to allow for more custom options to use the Aim Controller.
  • Also, the option for movement relative to the Gun or Head is available for the Aim Controller. For example, you can shoot straight forward, while looking to your right. If your movement is Gun relative, pushing forward on the control stick will move you based on where the gun is pointing. If your movement is Head relative, pushing forward on the control stick will move you based on where you’re looking.

That’s not all, thanks to several other community suggestions the studio also implemented an improved scope with a larger window, the crosshairs can now be toggled on and off, and so can the scope with an options menu setting to switch to iron sights.

Borderlands 2 VR

And it looks like the team isn’t stopping there: “Please look forward to community suggested updates such as improvements to the HUD and height offset along with fixes to an unreachable chest, teleport, and more.”

Highly anticipated before launch, Gearbox Software didn’t disappoint when it came to Borderlands 2 VRwith VRFocus’ review giving it a full five -stars, saying: “Borderlands 2 VR is most certainly a highlight of this year’s VR releases and one of the best titles yet to hit PlayStation VR. Its still Borderlands 2, sure, but you’ve never played Borderlands 2 like this before.”

For further updates on the videogame, keep reading VRFocus.

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