Will Writing Could Soon be Updated With AR, Helping Avoid Disputes

Would you entrust your Will to AR?

It’s not something a lot of people like to think about for most of their life because it means thinking about death, yet writing a will is a highly important process, helping avoid undue distress when you’re gone. However, such is the way of the world even writing a will can cause arguments amongst friends and family once a beloved one has passed on. New research from Remember A Charity has revealed that half of Brits would like to record a will using augmented reality (AR) tech to help them properly explain their decision, hopefully avoiding disputes.

The charity’s research has found that six in 10 Brits do not have a Will in place, and because of that, the law would then decide for 32 million Brits. Approximately a third of those in the research were worried that their Will will cause arguments amongst friends and family once they’re gone.

Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson expects that AR could be a regular sight at solicitors’ offices by the year 2050, modernising a practice that has barely kept up with new technology.

“Wills are often written in very formal and dense language, making them sound really impersonal,” Pearson explains in a statement. “Loved ones who stand to inherit from a Will may not recognise anything of the Will-writers personality or tone of voice in the way it’s written. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before technology, such as AR, intervenes to simplify bequests and add a more personal touch.  A Will could maintain its legal status, but when scanned by a smartphone, or another AR-enabled device, ‘trigger words’ would link to videos recorded by the deceased explaining their wishes more clearly.”


Augmented Reality (AR)“Currently, the practice of Will-writing is under review by the Law Commission, with a focus on bringing it in line with the digital age. Technology, such as AR, can play a pivotal role in helping to make it easier for people to express their final wishes and avoid disputes so it’s crucial that solicitors and Will-writers embrace these new methods,” Rob Cope, Director at Remember a Charity said. “As the practice of people leaving small gifts to charities in Wills increases, new technology has incredible scope to help people explain to family and friends the world they want to leave behind to future generations.”

AR could be one technology to help provide a resolution to the growing issue of contested Wills. If it is employed VRFocus will keep you updated.

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