Oculus Quest’s Content Quality Will be set High for Developers

Next month might be the third anniversary of Oculus Rift’s launch, but the industry is slightly more focused on one of the companies other products, the soon to be released standalone headset Oculus Quest. Scheduled for a Spring 2019 launch, Oculus will be hard at work helping developers get their titles ready for either launch day or soon after. In a new blog posting on the Oculus Developers page, the company has detailed what it expects from developers, stating that a high bar will be set when it comes to content.

Oculus Quest - Back

When it comes to online videogame stores and the content they list each will have its own set of parameters regarding the quality of the experience studios can submit. Steam, for example, isn’t particularly strict, whereas the Oculus Store or Viveport won’t just let anything onto the store – and getting onto PlayStation VR is even harder.

It’s a fine balance between regular content to keep customers interested but of a good enough quality that its not a yard sale of junk with a few gems here and there.

With the Oculus Quest it seems the company is looking to keep that bar raised fairly high saying: “We hope that when players get into their Oculus Quest headset their library showcases the innovation, sophistication, and development talent that exists in VR today, and inspires future developers.

“To get to that bar, we have to start with a quality-first approach.”

Oculus Quest - Front

Oculus then goes on to add: “High-quality, innovative titles tend to be expensive to build, and developers need confidence that they are shipping into an ecosystem that will generate a return on investment. We’ve set a high bar for content quality on Quest, higher than we’ve ever enforced before, in order to build a platform where everyone has confidence in the quality of the titles they’re buying and developers know that their investments have a strong chance of success.”

With Oculus Quest Facebook isn’t taking anything for granted, ensuring the launch could be the biggest this year. The headset will be on demonstration at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 next month, with Oculus also attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June. Oculus has previously said that over 50+ titles would be available at launch including MossRobo Recall and The Climb.

The Facebook Developers Conference (F8) at the end of April is when the Oculus Quest is expected to officially launch – like Oculus Go last year. As further details are released regarding Oculus Quest, VRFocus will keep you updated.