Gungrave VR is Coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Next Month

The PC version gets expanded graphical options.

Last December XSEED Games published IGGYMOB’s frantic shooter Gungrave VR exclusively for PlayStation VR, as well as the additional Gungrave VR U.N episode. Today, the publisher has announced that both titles will be coming to Steam in March, supporting both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.


Both Gungrave VR and Gungrave VR U.N on PC will be almost exactly the same as the PlayStation VR version, the only difference comes from additional expanded graphical options and settings to give players more control over their individual experience.

Featuring both Japanese and English voice options and designs from original character designer Yasuhiro Nightow,  Gungrave VR and Gungrave VR U.N put you in control of undead assassin Beyond the Grave with his iconic pair of massive handguns, Cerberus. With levels containing a mixture of free-roaming third-person gameplay and first-person fixed or on-rails sections, Gungrave VR is all about mixing up the different gameplay options for maximum effect. Players will find Grave has an array of shooting attacks, close-range strikes using Grave’s Death Coffin, slow-motion Reaper time, and more.

Gungrave VR will feature six levels of intense action while Gungrave VR U.N introduces three new levels, new side-scrolling and sliding gameplay, and opening and ending animated movies.


The story synopsis for Gungrave VR explains: “Many years have passed since the war against the nefarious drug, SEED. Mika Asagi lived a quiet life watching over the undead soldier Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), who returned to his slumber. Those halcyon days ended suddenly, as South City turned into a war zone torn apart by Orgmen, humans infected with SEED.”

Gungrave VR and Gungrave VR U.N will be available through Steam from 6th March 2019. Gungrave VR will retail for  $24.99 USD, €24.99 EUR, and £19.99 GBP, while Gungrave VR U.N is available separately for $9.99, €9.99, and £7.99. Or you can buy the ‘Loaded Coffin Edition’ which includes both titles for $29.74, €29.74, and £23.79. And for the launch week, all versions will come with a 15 percent discount.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gungrave VR, reporting back with any further updates or announcements.

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