Budget Cuts Arcade is the Latest Update for the Stealth Experience

It'll be on sale later today as well.

Having announced it was working on a PlayStation VR version of its stealth adventure Budget Cuts, Neat Corporation has today revealed a new update for the PC version, titled Budget Cuts Arcade.

The new update is focused towards replayability, adding a new game mode as well as an additional four levels. As the name suggests, the new Arcade mode has been designed for VR arcades as well as home use, with a focus on scoring as many points as possible. Accessed via the arcade cabinet in the main menu, the Arcade mode will have its own difficulty settings, 8 new collectibles (2 per level) and music to play to.

The new ARCADE difficulties are:


  • guards do not hear translocation sound.
  • knives and other sharp objects do NOT break.
  • guards take a long time to actually spot you.
  • guards have very low aiming accuracy.
  • guards are very sensitive to damage.


  • guards do not hear translocation sound.
  • knives and other sharp objects do NOT break.
  • guards spot you quicker than in Beginner mode.
  • guards are be better at aiming than in Beginner mode.


  • guards WILL hear your translocation sound unless you sneak-translocate.
  • knives and other sharp objects DO break when hitting NPC.
  • guards spot you VERY quickly.
  • guards have VERY high aiming accuracy.
  • guards are pretty resilient to damage except headshots.

Budget Cuts - Bob

The update also adds a bunch of improvements to the main experience itself, not only fixing glitches and other abnormalities but also making the ‘Extra’ difficulty in the main campaign a bit trickier.

To celebrate the release of Budget Cuts Arcade Neat Corporation is having a massive Steam sale, knocking 50 percent off the normal price. The sale will run from 14th – 19th February 2019, starting at 10am PST (6pm GMT) today.

Budget Cuts is a stealth experience set in a world full of robots. You play an employee at mega-conglomerate TransCorp who finds out their job is in danger. After a mysterious package arrives you must then head out and save your job. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Budget Cuts, reporting back with all the latest updates.

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