Beat Saber’s First Music Pack Will be Released in March

Beat Saber is great fun to play and an excellent workout when playing the high difficulty levels. But no matter how enjoyable the gameplay is swinging those sabers around the experience is nothing without some good quality tunes. Beat Games hasn’t released a massive selection of official tracks, however, that’s soon going to change with the first Music Pack next month.

The studio announced that the PlayStation VR version of the pack had been completed and the team were now applying the finishing touches to the PC version. Beat Games has previously mentioned that the Music Packs will feature 10 tracks and there are three packs in the works, although it’s highly likely that only one pack will be released in March. As for the songs themselves they have yet to be revealed.

While PC players have been waiting the longest for more official tracks to drop, only seeing American electronic duo Knower’s One Hope and viral hit POP/STARS from the League of Legends universe arrive at the end of 2018, the community has supported itself through modding. That has meant PC Beat Saber players have had a massive amount of tunes to enjoy, even when Beat Games release an update that occasionally breaks the mod software.

PlayStation VR players, on the other hand, don’t have that benefit due to the closed nature of the PlayStation platform. The headset does have some of its own unique songs but the community on PlayStation VR has been rather vocal on social media regarding more songs – the videogame is quite addictive if you hadn’t noticed.

Beat Saber Screenshot

Beat Games did update the PlayStation VR version earlier this month so that fans could experience the rather insane Expert+ mode, and then a couple of days ago the studio launched the title in Japan.

As Beat Games release further details in the next few weeks VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.