Beat Saber is Coming to Japanese PlayStation VR’s Next Month

It may seem that Beat Games’ rhythm action title Beat Saber is a worldwide virtual reality (VR) phenomenon, but the title hasn’t quite managed to spread to every corner of the globe. It’s now been revealed that the experience is coming to Japanese PlayStation VR owners early next month.

Beat Saber Screenshot

Announced via the Japanese PlayStation.Blog – and tweeted today via the Beat Saber twitter account – the frantic sword swinging title is due to launch next week, on 7th March 2019. From the looks of it – via Google Translate – the Japanese version looks to be the exact same version as released in the west for PlayStation VR.

The article does note the four difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert, indicating that Beat Games hasn’t included the very latest update which features the rather insane Expert+ mode. At the end of January, the studio had teased Expert+ mode only to then go and cancel it a couple of days later. Luckily fans didn’t have to wait too long, with Expert+ arriving for PlayStation VR the following week.

What fans are now crying out for is more music, as the selection of titles for the headset isn’t overly extensive. PC VR players have had the modding community to fall back on, with a massive range of tracks available – unofficial of course. Because PlayStation is a closed system PlayStation VR players have no choice but to wait for Beat Games to release more content, which the team is going to do via DLC music packs. Work is still ongoing with them, with no concrete date regarding when the first might arrive.

Beat Saber POP/Stars

Until that happens you’ll just have to make do with what’s available and practice those highscores – or attempt a perfect score on Expert+ if you can. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Beat Saber reporting back with the latest updates.