The Mage’s Tale Confirmed for February Launch on PlayStation VR

It was only yesterday that VRFocus reported on a new video by inXile Entertainment that confirmed work was still going ahead regarding the port of The Mage’s Tale coming to PlayStation VR. Whilst that video merely stated ‘coming soon’ a new ‘Accolades Trailer’ has now surfaced with an actual release date, and it’s only weeks away.

The Mages Tale screenshot 4

The Mage’s Tale was one of VRFocus’ favourite fantasy role-playing games (RPGs) of 2017 when it first arrived for Oculus Rift. With a decent 10 hours or more of gameplay, at the time it provided one of the biggest VR adventures available, hence when VRFocus gave it a full 5-stars in its review: “The Mage’s Tale is a really good magical adventure that really puts you into the heart of the experience. The story provides hours worth of gameplay and the potion creation side adds even more fun, mixing and matching various items to see what they do. If you’ve been looking for a decent fantasy RPG then you can’t go too far wrong with this.”

InXile Entertainment look to have done a straight port from PC to PlayStation VR, as the studio has made no mention of any new additions to the original version.

One of those titles that you can tell was made for VR, with its hands-on approach to gameplay, you find yourself in the role of a wizard’s apprentice. You serve under Mage Alguin but straight away he’s kidnapped by the evil wizard, Gaufroi. Like any good fantasy quest, you need to save him by completing a series of horrible dungeons. From the dark, dank, sewers of Skara Brae to the living tombs of evil Charm, each are filled with puzzles, traps and monsters galore that aim to do you harm.

The Mages Tale screenshot 3

The further you delve into the dungeons the more crafting materials you’ll collect, offering the ability to craft hundreds of spells, both defensive and offensive in your very own Mage’s Workshop. You’ll be able to sling gouts of flame, javelins of ice, and arcs of lightning.

The Mage’s Tale is now scheduled for release on PlayStation VR on 5th February 2019. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.