PlayStation VR Demo Disc 3 Now Available for EU Customers

9 of the best titles feature in the collection.

The act of releasing a demo is a bit more of a rarity nowadays, with virtual reality (VR) developers occasionally using the medium to promote an upcoming videogame. The demo disc, on the other hand, is a dinosaur of a bygone era, when magazines were your essential source of gaming info, with each monthly publication adorned with a selection of titles on disc. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is still keeping that nostalgia alive with its PlayStation VR Demo Disc, the last or arrived in 2017. That changes today – for European customers at least – with the release of PlayStation VR Demo Collection 3.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Completely free to download from the PlayStation Store, the collection features nine titles for PlayStation VR and is especially ideal if you’ve just purchased a headset over Christmas. On offer are some of the best examples of VR content for the headset.

All the titles support the DualShock 4 controller apart from Job Simulator where you will need PlayStation Move controllers.

Battlezone image

Titles like Job Simulator, Battlezone, The Persistence and Thumper have once again made the grade and stayed in place from the last demo collection, even though some were original launch window experiences from way back in 2016.

SIE happened to reveal the top downloads of 2018 for PlayStation VR recently, with Owlchemy Labs Job Simulator attaining the number one spot in the US and number two in Europe. Both Moss and SUPERHOT VR also made it into the top ten on both charts.

The company is also likely celebrating as it released sales figures for PlayStation 4 last week during CES 2019, with the console achieving a whopping 91.6 million sales worldwide by the end of 2018.

If you are new to the PlayStation VR platform then you’ll also want to take a look at VRFocus’ ‘Best PlayStation VR Games of 2018‘ feature to see what videogames should be in your library. And there are plenty of titles coming in 2019 to look forward to as well. For all the latest updates on PlayStation VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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