PlayStation VR Could be Getting Beat Saber’s Insane Expert+ Mode This Week

Beat Games’ rhythm action title Beat Saber has proven to be massively popular with the PlayStation VR crowd since its arrival in November last year, having secured PlayStation.Blog’s ‘Best PS VR Experience’ 2018. Today, the studio has announced that a new update is incoming, set to add the frighteningly difficult Expert+ mode to the experience.

Beat Saber POP/Stars

Revealed via Beat Games’ Twitter account, the studio demoed a short video showcasing Expert+ mode in action. Not for the faint of heart and very likely to get the heart thumping, the update looks like it’ll be made available this week, although the studio does say ‘probably’.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners received the Expert+ mode alongside a bunch of other new features like the saber redesign towards the end of last year. Currently, there are no further details on whether the PlayStation VR update will include any noticeable additional improvements to the gameplay or design of Beat Saber.

Much like the PC version, the PlayStation VR version will likely be a free update rather than paid DLC. Beat Games is working on several Music Packs, each containing ten tracks, which will be purchasable as DLC. The studio has yet to reveal when those packs might be released. Previously the team have said: “We plan to add more songs to the game free with the updates but Music Packs will contain more songs and will be paid so we can support artist who are creating the music.”

When it comes to a new PC update there does seem to be much on the horizon. PlayStation VR does have several exclusive titles, one of which is Rum n’ Bass, which Beat Games has confirmed will be coming to PC eventually, saying on twitter ‘at a later date’.

As further details on Beat Saber improvements for both versions are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.