Pico Unveils its Latest Standalone Headset the G2 4K

It’s the best time of year for tech fans with CES 2019 just around the corner, companies across the globe are revealing their very latest products. Chinese virtual reality (VR) headset manufacturer Pico has done just that by unveiling the Pico G2 4K, an uprated standalone head-mounted display (HMD) based on the Pico G2.

The Pico G2 range is part of the company’s initiative to enter the enterprise market rather than solely focus on the consumer industry, hoping to increase its share by improving the visual quality to 4K.

Other additions that showcase the Pico G2 4K’s enterprise functionality and customizable features include:

  • Kiosk Mode – Dedicate the Pico G2 4K headset to a single application for simple and focused use cases
  • Handsfree Controls – No controller, no problem. The Pico G2 4K has a handsfree control option that enables easy “look and choose” selection
  • Hygienic Design – Each Pico G2 4K has access to replaceable PU face inserts that are easy to clean and hygienic for mass use

“VR and AR continue to grow on the consumer-level, but we feel there’s far more untapped potential in using these cutting-edge technologies to elevate businesses behind-the-scenes. The use cases for VR and AR are limitless and we aim to help businesses realize this with our products including the Pico G2 and Pico G2 4K headsets,” said Henry Zhou, CEO of Pico Interactive, Inc. in a statement. “We are carving out our own identity as a leading enterprise VR and AR hardware manufacturer while expanding the overall market by providing tailored products and options few of our competitors provide at this point.”

PicoCompanies using Pico’s VR and AR hardware in enterprise settings including VRtuoso, OperaVR, Limbix, In-Flight VR, Vivid Vision, NuEyes, and VRCoaster. Another is FlixBus, a bus service that began in Europe which recently expanded to the US and now offers VR experiences by way of Pico headsets on certain long distance routes.

Pico G2 4K Product Specs:

  • Display – 4K Resolution (3840×2160)
  • Components – 835 Snapdragon Processor, 32GB Storage, 4GB RAM
  • Connection – BT4.2 WiFib/g/n/ac(supports Miracast)
  • Design – 278g, Unique Battery Placement
  • Developer – Android 8.1, Pico SKUnreal/Unity), Wave SD
  • Content – Pico Store, Viveport M

The Pico G2 4K will be available in North America in the first half of 2019. Details regarding other territories aren’t currently available. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.