Improve Your Game as vGolf’s Mixed Reality Simulator Gains Patent Approval

Happen to enjoy a spot of leisurely golf on a Sunday morning, walking up and down the fairway gleefully getting under par on every hole? Or do you find yourself continually digging trenches in the sand bunkers, or hunting for your ball in the rough? Well, if you happen to be in the latter camp you’re going to need some training and why not try the latest mixed reality (MR) technology at the same time. That’s where vGolf comes in, with the company announcing that it has received patent approval for its MR golf simulation and training systems.  

vGolf Virtual-Caddy_560

vGolf’s MR glasses allow for a range of data and functionality to be employed through four product modes; Virtual Ranges, Virtual Caddy, Virtual Instructor and Virtual Courses. The device allows users to see ball tracking data in real-world locations or simulated environments, meaning they can play on an actual golf course or simply at home with a practice set.

  • Virtual Ranges – Play MR point-scoring golf games like Alien Invasion and Zombie Wars by trying to hit holographic images floating above a driving range.
  • Virtual Caddy – Play on any golf course and view real-time statistics of your golf game on the HUD of the AR Glasses.
  • Virtual Instructor – View a 3D holographic avatar of your actual golf swing and receive instructions from a professional golf instructor on how to improve your game.
  • Virtual Courses – Surround yourself in a 360° panoramic of actual golf courses. Play them like you’re actually there.

“vGolf is an exciting new solution that revolutionizes how golfers will play and train by bringing mixed reality to the game of golf,” said Tom Kudirka, vGolf Founder and CEO in a statement. “vGolf combines augmented reality glasses with its proprietary software to blend the real world with a virtual reality overlay creating a thrilling mixed reality product for the consumer.”


vGolf plans to debut its patented technology to the golf industry as part of the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show which takes place this week, from 23rd – 25th January. vGolf has yet to reveal when it plans on releasing its technology when it does VRFocus will let you know.