HTC Vive’s Subscription Service Goes Unlimited With Viveport Infinity

One of the core features of HTC Vive’s online retail platform Viveport has always been its subscription service, allowing gamers to pay a monthly fee to access five virtual reality (VR) titles per month. Today, as part of the company’s extensive CES press conference HTC Vive revealed Viveport Infinity, the platform’s first unlimited subscription service.

Viveport Infinity

“Today, we’re announcing our next step in Viveport’s evolution with Viveport Infinity,” said Rikard Steiber, President, Viveport in a statement. “When we first launched our Subscription service, we gave consumers the ability to try 5 titles a month. Now with Viveport Infinity, we’re offering our members the best value in VR content with 100x more choice, all at one low price.”

Viveport Infinity takes the videogame cap off, allowing members to delve into Viveport’s ever-growing library of VR experiences with unrestricted access, helping save them money in the process. Members can download and play any of the 500+ titles in the Viveport Infinity library with no restrictions.

The beauty of this service is that gamers will now have open rein to try VR experiences they may have avoided, or just not bothered with before. Whether that’s a short indie title or a bigger release that maybe didn’t hasn’t had amazing reviews but still seems worth a playthrough.

Viveport Infinity

Viveport Infinity isn’t available just yet, HTC Vive will be launching the service as part of its annual Vive Day celebrations which take place on 5th April. You’ll be able to access Viveport Infinity across all current and future Vive devices as well as the Oculus Rift and other devices in the Wave Eco-system.

If you’ve not tried the Viveport Subscription then all new members get a 14-day free trial, after which they can sign up. HTC Vive hasn’t quoted a price for Viveport Infinity’s monthly membership, that’ll probably be revealed in April.

HTC Vive certainly hasn’t disappointed today, revealing the HTC Vive Pro Eye, a new enterprise-focused headset with integrated eye-tracking, the Vive Cosmos with inside-out tracking, and the Vive Reality System. Expect to see plenty more VR news coming from CES 2019 as the week continues, with VRFocus on the ground covering as much as possible.