Go Mental as Mosh Pit Simulator is Out Now

Aiming to take the ‘Weirdest VR Experience of 2019’ award, indie developer Sos Sosowski has just launched virtual reality (VR) experience Mosh Pit Simulator via Steam Early Access, and to say it’s almost nothing like what you’d expect is an understatement.

Mosh Pit Simulator

Mosh Pit Simulator doesn’t feature a stage, rock band or crowds of people throwing their drinks everywhere, instead, you have some very strange – and slightly creepy – humanoid figures that for some reason have no bones and so kind of behave like those Stretch Armstrong toys.

Sosowski explains that: “Mosh Pit Simulator is a hyper-interactive physical VR sandbox set in a world overrun by boneless and brainless humanoids that despite having no brains, still try to lead a normal life, even tho they don’t know how. So they keep crashing cars, breaking things and being generally goofy. The player’s job is to get in their way. Their generally harmless and don’t mean anything wrong, but you just kind of don’t like them.” So there you have it, a perfectly simple explanation.

When it comes to gameplay you have nearly 1 square km of an interactive city to explore (and destroy) at your will, using all sorts of weapons, explosives, basically anything you can lay your hands on. And if you can’t find it, well then build it, because sometimes you just have to create before you can destroy.

Mosh Pit Simulator

For the Early Access launch today there’s the entire city at your disposal full of all that fun stuff mentioned, plus a bizarre – as if things couldn’t get any weirder – story mode. Sosowski plans on keeping Most Pit Simulator in Early Access for around six months, in which time further modes will be added, including a Driver Mode – where you can drive around in the car and wreak havoc, Spider Mode – where you can sling yourself around, and Animatronics Mode – where you can create, record and playback animations. He does also have several other ideas which may or may not be added as Sosowski is making the title by himself.

Mosh Pit Simulator is available now for $19.99 USD with support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift with Touch and Windows MR devices. As development progresses, VRFocus will keep you updated.