Free Demo Now Available for Puzzle Out VR

The title is currently available on Steam Early Access.

In December 2018 indie developer Glock Software released an Early Access title called Puzzle Out VR, a videogame involving against the clock block placement. This week, the studio decided to release a free demo to give Oculus Rift and HTC Vive players a taste of the gameplay.

Puzzle Out VR image2

Set inside what looks like a white-walled prison floating in space – there’s a window with the Earth floating in the distance – Puzzle Out VR takes the classic block placement games of your childhood and gives it a virtual reality (VR) twist, with one wall made up of empty spaces and a selection of differently shaped pieces on the floor with which to place in the gaps. The difficulty comes from the fact that the wall is moving, making the play space ever smaller as time runs out, eventually squashing you.

Like any demo, the one Glock Software has created is a shortened version of the main experience, giving you an overall feel for the title across several levels. There’s even a story to go with the puzzler, stating: “It’s the age of commercial and cheap space travel which allows everyone to travel between planets in the solar system. You are on your journey back home to earth from an expedition to Mars to find rare crystals. As you approach the earth, a strange alien wall appears to hinder you from examine [sic] the crystals.”

With three crystals located inside the room, they do actually serve a purpose. Grab one and smash it against the moving wall to stop it for 10 seconds, useful if you’re running out of space and time to complete the level.

Puzzle Out VR image3

Designed as a full roomscale experience, Glock Software does advise that players will need a play area that’s approximately 2×2.3m in size. To download the title you’ll need to head to the official Glock Software website. The site does ask for a donation if you’d like to help an indie developer but you can still download the demo for free if you wish.

If you like the demo then you can always head on over to Puzzle Out VR’s Steam Early Access page and purchase the full experience for £4.79 GBP (about $5 USD). As development continues, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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