Download the Free Demo of Eden-Tomorrow for PlayStation VR Today

Originally called EDEN when developer Soulpix first announced the virtual reality (VR) title back in 2015, now the project goes by the name of Eden-Tomorrow and can be downloaded as a free demo via PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR owners.  


An epic sci-fi action adventure which Soulpix states has been inspired by classic science fiction films of the 70‘s and 80‘s, Eden-Tomorrow puts players on a hostile alien world with gigantic dinosaur-like creatures. They play an unnamed character plagued by amnesia after crash landing on this planet, their only companion a small drone called Newton who has a range of different skills to aid your adventure.

Soulpix has kept a lot of what happens quiet as ideas have changed over the course of development. Frank Sennholz, Game-Director, Soulpix does also mention in his PlayStation Blog that the story: ‘also grapples with present-day fears of what could happen if an artificial intelligence gets out of control.’

As for any more clues, well you’ll have to download the demo to find out. It’s not often that studios release a demo ahead of launch, especially when so many years have gone into development, spoiling the surprise. That being said, PlayStation VR users do tend to get treated to demos a little more often, most noticeably this week with the release of PlayStation VR Demo Collection 3 with nine titles in the collection.


It looks like Soulpix has created a massive world for players to explore, mixing in both puzzle elements as well as action when having to deal with giant worms, being attacked by flying creatures or finding themselves right in the middle of a herd of giant Sand Walkers. Eden-Tomorrow could be one of the biggest PlayStation VR titles of 2019.

The free demo of Eden-Tomorrow can be downloaded from the European PlayStation Store now. VRFocus expects a North American version to arrive later today. Soulpix has yet to confirm an actual launch date for Eden-Tomorrow, simply giving a window of Q1 2019, so it can’t be too far away.

As further details regarding Eden-Tomorrow are released, VRFocus will let you know. For now, check out the new trailer below.