Do Away With Boring PowerPoint Presentations Thanks to VRtuoso

VRFocus spoke with VRTuoso's CEO to find out more.

It’s the bane of every office workers existence, and while useful to get information across to other workers, the dreaded PowerPoint presentation has for many a year been a boring fact of life. Which is why British company VRtuoso created its own virtual reality (VR) content system to make presentations far more engaging, and then took it to CES 2019 to demonstrate the product. Which is where VRFocus caught up with CEO and founder Francesco Furnari to learn more.


Displayed on the Pico stand using the manufacturer’s new Pico G2 4K headset, VRtuoso’s system uses a combination of both software and hardware solutions, with the black box (seen below) being the core, where VR devices connect to to view a presentation.

The software allows the presenter to create an immersive presentation using both 360-degree and 2D content, like video, images, text, shapes and polls. Essentially, VRtuoso wants to become the PowerPoint of VR, just able to build a far more visually interesting solution that can grab users attention.

Having launched in Europe last year, VRtuoso has already managed to garner interest from several big Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, BT Group, PwC and BP. BT was that impressed that it has begun re-selling VRtuoso to business customers.

“VRtuoso hits the sweet spot for businesses thinking about using VR for immersive learning because it is so easy to use,” BT’s SVP of external innovation Jean-Marc Frangos has said in a statement. “It democratizes VR for learners and teachers alike. For example, great user-generated content can be repackaged and reused meaning reduced costs.”




In the video below, Furnari goes into greater detail regarding how the system works and what businesses can expect to pay for a VRtuoso system, the price increases depending on how many headsets they’d like to connect.

“Companies no longer need to engage a digital agency to create VR apps for daily use, such as in L&D and sales,” Furnari has previously commented. “We have commoditized VR production and usage meaning enterprises can now embed VR in all facets of their business, while saving them money. VRtuoso is the true turnkey Virtual Reality learning product.”

As VRtuoso continues to expand its business portfolio VRFocus will keep you up to date.

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