Create Better Mixed Reality VR Videos With MixCast Moments

The new software will initially be rolled out to VR arcades.

Mixed reality (MR) videos have proven to be a great way to showcase what it’s like to be inside a virtual world to those who’ve yet to try virtual reality (VR). Blueprint Reality has been aiding this endeavour through the use of its software MixCast. Initially released back in 2017, the software has seen several improvements, most notably last summer when MixCast 2.0 arrived on Steam for free. For CES 2019, the company has now revealed MixCast Moments, designed to help gamers easily create mixed camera MR videos to share socially. 

At present MixCast Moments is a new video capture solution for VR arcades, with location-based entertainment (LBE) providers being the first to gain access to the software soon.

With it, they’ll be able to provide guests with an MR video of their VR gameplay, all captured from different angles, to then share on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The process is completely automated and based on the player-driven, in-game experience, weaving clips into a seamless story.

“One of the biggest challenges for the VR industry is that potential consumers don’t really understand the powerful immersion of VR until they try it”, said Tarrnie Williams, CEO of Blueprint Reality in a statement. “And for companies marketing VR experiences, it’s like selling TV over the radio in the 1940s. MixCast Moments makes the player a star in their own short video, complete with multiple camera angles, music and sound effects. When people view a MixCast Moment, they immediately want to try VR for themselves”

VR Arcades interested in MixCast Moments need to know the software is optimized for Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i9 processors and utilizes multithreading to enable multiple cameras and high-frame rate performance. The software also integrates with Intel RealSense cameras, cameras designed for MR capture without the use of a green screen.

Blueprint Reality Inc. will be debuting MixCast Moments during CES 2019 on the Intel booth.

If you can’t wait for MixCast Moments or are a home user looking to create your own MR videos to show the world, you can always head on over to Steam to download MixCast 2.0 for free. Check out MixCast Moments in action in the video below, and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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