Win Yourself a Copy of Arca’s Path on Steam or PlayStation VR

Tomorrow will see the launch of Dream Reality Interactive’s Arca’s Path, in conjunction with Rebellion. To celebrate the big day VRFocus has 10 codes available for our lucky readers to win, so you can enjoy the puzzle madness that the studio has in store. 

Arca's Path keyArt

If you’ve not been following VRFocus’ coverage of Arca’s Path then continue reading. The videogame is a dark fairytale puzzle experience set within crystalline landscapes, where players control a ball through 25 labyrinthine levels, using only their gaze to intuitively lead the character’s sphere through the maze and out the other side.

Last month VRFocus released its second preview for Arca’s Path, finding that: “The videogame has been designed to be challenging but in enjoyable bite-sized chunks. dRi is ready to accept that VR hasn’t yet matured to the point where a mass market audience would happily spend hours at a time wearing an HMD, and while Arca’s Path will most definitely be enjoyed by the core videogame demographic it’s clearly positioned as an experience that anyone can enjoy.”

And so onto the competition. VRFocus has 10 codes available, 5 for Steam (compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and 5 for PlayStation VR (European codes only). All you need to do is Follow us on Twitter and Retweet this tweet stating which platform you’d prefer. The competition will be open for 24 hours, with winners notified once Arca’s Path has launched.