VR Discounts Galore as the Steam Winter Sale 2018 Begins

When it comes to PC gaming sales there’s only one that most consumers wait for and that’s Steam’s. The online retail behemoth is renown for its chunky discounts on its massive range of content, and the Steam Winter Sale 2018 is no different.

Budget Cuts - Combat

For virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts who either own an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality headset there’s a bountiful supply of experiences on offer, with discounts ranging from a mere 10 percent all the way up to a hefty 90 percent in some cases.

VRFocus isn’t going to start listing them all here – there’s way too many and Steam does that anyway. What we will do is pick out some choice cuts that are well worth adding to your library to wow the family with, extolling the virtues of VR.

Alongside all the discounts, Steam has got into the festive spirit of the season with a new theme called “Extremely Cozy Cottage of Surprises.” Jump onto Steam each day and you’ll be able to open a door on the Steam calendar to receive unique Steam Community emoticons, wallpapers and/or in-game items from community favourite Steam games – as well as some consumable digital items of questionable utility from Valve.

SteamVR Home Winte Peak

As an extra treat for SteamVR Home users, the platform has also released a new environment – Winter Peak. Made in collaboration with Scraggy Rascal Studios – who also helped create Gulping Goat Space Farm and Candy Emporium – the environment is available as an asset pack allowing users to remix and create their own map using its models, textures, and sounds.

“Venture forth from the cozy warmth of the rover, and feel the frost in the air as you trek out onto the snowy bluff. You may find the local wildlife somewhat shy and elusive, so please maintain a respectful distance to avoid scaring them off,” is how the studio describes the environment.

The 2018 Steam Winter Sale is on now and will end on 3rd January 2019 at 10am PT. For further Steam deals, keep reading VRFocus.