Try not to Trash the Decorations in Christmas Puzzler Tippy Tree

If you’re really into Christmas you might already have had your decorations up for weeks, or possibly wait until the last minute to grab the last dilapidated tree from the local store. However you like to celebrate, Mythical City Games has got into the festive spirit with a cheerful puzzle experience called Tippy Tree.

Tippy Tree

So the best part of putting up any decorations is always the tree, full of lights, tinsel, baubles and maybe even some chocolate treats to find when you take it down. With Tippy Tree, the studio has created an almost Buckeroo style experience where the aim of the game is to attach decorations without the entire thing crashing down.

To keep things lively and varied there are four gameplay modes, Puzzle Mode, where the trees get progressively more unstable, Hard Mode, where you have to be really delicate with those decorations or they’ll break, Infinite Mode, for those who want to endlessly decorate, and Sandbox Mode, where the tree is a lot more stable for you to test your creative decorating skills in a stress free environment.

And what’s a Christmas tree without some presents. Expert decorators will be rewarded with new decorations, with a total of 30 to collect.

Tippy Tree

Tippy Tree is available now for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. If a VR videogame were to have the title of stocking filler, Tippy Tree would probably be it, retailing for £1.69 GBP/$1.99 USD on Steam.

Mythical City Games has already created a number of VR titles, including Battle Fleet 2, Skytropolis and Snow Fortress. For further updates on the studio’s latest videogames, keep reading VRFocus.