The Spy Who Shrunk Me Coming to PC in December, VR in Q1 2019

During the summer, Taphouse VR developer Catland announced its next virtual reality (VR) project, a comedic espionage caper called The Spy Who Shrunk MeBeing developed as both a standard PC title as well as getting VR support, the studio has announced that the normal version will be released this month with the immersive version due in Q1 2019.  

The Spy Who Shrunk Me

The PC launch will take place on 18th December, as a Steam Early Access release. The entire videogame will be playable from start to finish, where players will be able to engage in missions such as hacking servers, sabotaging equipment, extracting targets and taking out key personnel.

Being a stealthy spy title, players will have access to a range of gadgets to aid in their missions. These include the classic shrink ray, teleporter ray, airbag mines, and of course the deadly BANANA!

The Spy Who Shrunk Me is a fully voice acted narrative experience where you get to drive a miniature car, drop people down paper shredders and do other crazy stuff in the 80s Moscow!”, comments Tomi Toikka, CEO of Catland in a statement. “Missions range from hacking servers, sabotaging equipment, extracting targets and taking out key personnel to saving the world itself from the Soviet menace! Fans of the old classic No One Lives Forever games can rejoice – this game is a huge love letter to the legendary spy game series.”

The Spy Who Shrunk Me

Whilst in Early Access Catland will be adding more content ready for the full VR launch including Spytacles (to see enemies through walls) and the Stopwatch (which freezes time to let you sneak past enemies). The VR version will also feature multiple movement options like teleportation and direct locomotion, full roomscale support, and other options for settings like height adjustment.

You play as super agent Audrey Smoothspy, tasked with unraveling a terrifying secret in 1980s Moscow which threatens to turn the Cold War into a fiery one. As further details on the VR version are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.