PlayStation VR’s Apex Construct Adds the Cygnia Cup Challenge

Fast Travel Games brought its futuristic bow shooter Apex Construct to PlayStation VR at the beginning of the year, before porting the title over to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The PC version then received a new competitive update in the form of the Cygnia Cup Challenge. Today, the studio has announced that the free update is coming to PlayStation VR this week.

Apex Construct

The Cygnia Cup Challenge expands upon the single-player campaign by adding a series of highscore challenges. Set in an arena with six locations, each escalating in difficulty, you’ll need to be quick and accurate to score well enough to rank on the global leaderboards.

You need to shoot as many targets as possible whilst taking out enemies to keep the combo meter up. The robots aren’t friendly and will shoot back, get killed and it’s game over. For the best highscores you’ll also need to make use of the different arrow types Apex Construct has to offer. As an added bonus, participating in the Cygnia Cup Challenge also earns you RP which you can spend on upgrades or consumables in the main campaign.

In addition to the new game mode, the update also brings improvements to the way you move around in Apex Construct.  Whether you use Free Locomotion or Teleportation as your primary way to navigate the shattered world, Fast Travel Games states that players ‘will now have a much more seamless experience when playing Apex Construct.’

VRFocus gave the PlayStation VR version a five star review, saying: “Despite some minor gripes, its clear that Apex Construct represents the way forward for VR videogames, an absorbing, intriguing experience that draws you in with a rich world complete with its own history and mysteries to be unravelled as well as a fluid combat system. Apex Construct is the standard by which future VR titles will be judged, and an indicator that VR has stepped up its game.”

Apex Construct’s Cygnia Cup Challenge will launch as a free update this week for PlayStation VR owners. For any further announcements, keep reading VRFocus.