LBVR Specialist mk2 to Integrate Secret Location’s Vusr Venue for Global Content Delivery

The collaboration will help mk2 streamline its VR Pod content management.

When it comes to location-based virtual reality (LBVR) entertainment two thing are highly important, the hardware for visitors to use and where you get your content from. mk2 is a specialist provider of VR equipment, providing locations across Europe with its mk2 VR Pods. The company had been searching for a content management tool, announcing a new partnership with Secret Location to use its all-in-one solution, Vusr Venue.

Vusr Media - 1

Both companies have a shared goal to create a worldwide VR distribution network and this collaboration is a step in that direction.

Secret Location unveiled content management platform Vusr Venue way back in 2016 as a way for VR creators to easily publish, distribute and monetise content for VR platforms. The platform looks to offer LBVR operators efficient management of content through a centralized dashboard, where they are able to view station operating statuses, troubleshoot hardware, components and software, download and install new software, manage live sessions and more.

mk2 launched its VR Pod earlier this year. Designed as a VR plug-and-play solution for various venues mk2 has sold them to institutions including the National Public Library of France and the Film Fund in Luxembourg, Nordisk in Scandinavia as well as exclusive partners in Brazil (Arvore) and Asia.

mk2 Nordisk Film Biografer

“mk2 has long been searching for an easy-to-use content management tool to power our VR Pods. Secret Location’s Vusr Venue is providing exactly what our global customers need, and more,” said Elisha Karmitz, CEO of mk2 in a statement. “Vusr Venue gives our operators simple methods to manage the complex back-end components of VR LBEs and will help mk2’s VR Pods even easier to use at any scale.”

mk2’s VR Pods feature over 50 curated experiences, but with Vusr Venue the company aims to offer a lot more that can be distributed globally. Secret Location has begun several collaborations with studios to ensure monthly content additions, they include Felix & Paul Studios, Atlas V, WITHIN and SuperHot Team to name a few.

While Secret Location and mk2 continue to push the growth of the LBVR industry, last week saw it take a hit with IMAX VR announcing the full closure of its centres worldwide. As the industry continues to find its footing in the entertainment world, VRFocus will notify you of the latest announcements.

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